January 1 2021, after 37 years as lawyer and partner in Advokatfirmaet Føyen Torkildsen AS and its predecessors, I am starting a new venture as sole practitioner in Advokat Arve Føyen.

It is of course with mixed feelings I leave behind a lawfirm where I have spent so much time on building one of the best Tech law and data protection practices in the Nordics. I will miss the team of colleagues and the fruitful discussions of legal issues connected with the emergence of new ecosystems, disruptive technologies and technological developments.

I will however continue to work in the areas of data protection and privacy, ICT and outsourcing contracts, digitization, broadband and media distribution and all sorts of legal issues relating to technology, and technological development.

I look forward to continue using my experience in assisting clients in these areas of the law, and I welcome the continuing challenges in applying the (often conservative and slow moving) law on the fast developing technology.

To all my friends and contacts who have congratulated me on the new venture, I want to say thank you for the many positive comments and congratulations.

Stay tuned! I will use this blog to share my views on legal issues related to technology and on Privacy and Data protection.

Have a Happy New Year and may the vaccine help us all!

All the best!